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  • BBC News
    Jul 16 2014 full story

    Ekso bionic suit: Robotic exoskeleton helps people to walk again

  • Wall Street Journal
    Jul 05 2014 full story

    U.S. Military Turns to Hollywood to Outfit the Soldier of the Future - Designer of 'Iron Man' Suit Among Those Working on High-Tech Gear for Elite Troops

  • Huffington post
    Jun 17 2014 full story

    Now Is The Time For Robotics

  • FOX Business
    Jun 13 2014 full story

    Ekso Bionics CEO Nathan Harding on designing and commercializing wearable robots.

  • CNN
    Jun 13 2014 full story

    Walking again, with a robotic exoskeleton

  • Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock"
    May 01 2014 full story

    Nate Harding on Bloomberg Television's "Talking Stock"

  • Robotics Maker Ekso Aims to Help Wheelchair-Bound to Walk
    Feb 08 2014 full story

    Tamara Mena has been in a wheelchair since 2005. But since 2012, she has had the opportunity, at least for short periods of time, to walk again.

    Jan 27 2014 full story

    Blind, paralyzed, but not broken, Mark Pollock rises to walk with the help of his bionic Ekso suit.

  • Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
    Jan 24 2014 full story

    Ekso Bonics is named one of five startups poised to change MedTech forever.

  • Forbes
    Jan 13 2014 full story

    CES 2014 - Where a Paraplegic Walked. In a veritable ocean of wearable technology, "None of it could really compete," with the wearable exoskeleton designed and manufactured by Ekso Bionics.

  • The Verge
    Jan 12 2014 full story

    The Verge covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture, and found Ekso among the most exciting things to talk about at CES 2014.

  • Alaska Airlines
    Jan 04 2014 full story

    Alaska Airlines' in-flight magazine features Ekso Bionics as a stunning achievement in adaptive medical technology.

  • Voice of America
    Dec 20 2013 full story

    Voice of America's Carolyn Presutti reports on Ekso, and the valuable work at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation.

  • CNN Health
    Nov 12 2013 full story

    A Wounded Warrior, Walking Tall: coverage of paralyzed former Army special ops officer Gary Linfoot's walk around the Statue of Liberty on Veteran's Day.

  • FOX News
    Nov 11 2013 full story

    Paralyzed Army veteran walks again using exoskeleton: More than five years after crashing in an Iraqi desert, crushing his spine on impact, retired Army pilot Gary Linfoot walked again on Veterans Day.

  • TODAY Show
    Nov 11 2013 full story

    Disabled veteran advocates new walking technology and describes the Ekso suit after it helped him walk again.

  • Forbes
    Jul 29 2013 full story

    The Industrial Iron Man: Ekso Bionics' take on the opportunity for exoskeleton technology in a variety of applications.

  • Al Jazeera: The Cure
    Jun 25 2013 full story

    This documentary introduces Arash, who sustained his spinal cord injury less than a year ago, and watches him walk again for the first time.

  • Bloomberg TV
    Jun 18 2013 full story

    Emily Chang from Bloomberg TV talks with ambassador Chris Tagatac at the "Next Big Thing Summit"

  • FOX CT
    Jun 13 2013 full story

    FOX talks discusses how Ekso may help paralyzed veterans walk again

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
    Jun 03 2013 full story

    Entrepreneur Magazine covers Ekso Bionics and companies leading the charge for commercial-use robotics

  • Die Welt
    May 21 2013 full story

    Ekso is helping people walk again in Germany at Bad Aibling

  • Brink (Bloomberg)
    Apr 29 2013 full story

    Bloomberg TV's show, Brink highlights where ideas equal industry changing innovation. This episode features Ekso Bionics (at 7:55 sec).

  • FOX Business
    Apr 22 2013 full story

    CEO Nathan Harding talks about the bionic suit, a robotic exoskeleton that helps paralyzed individuals walk again

  • FOX News San Diego
    Apr 04 2013 full story

    A wearable robot first used to help soldiers carry heavy loads is now being used to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again.

  • Slate
    Mar 21 2013 full story

    Could a robotic exoskeleton turn you into a real-life Iron Man?

  • PC Magazine
    Mar 16 2013 full story

    Ekso: A technological marvel that stands out

    Mar 16 2013 full story

    A video interview with Ekso Bionics at Engadget Engaged.

  • CNN.com
    Mar 13 2013 full story

    "Wearable robot" technology is already being used in real-life.

    Feb 19 2013 full story

    Ekso Bionics named a top 10 innovator

  • Good Morning America
    Dec 22 2012 full story

    Bionic Suit Helps Paralyzed Patients Walk Again

  • INC. Magazine
    Nov 14 2012 full story

    Idea: get millions of people out of their wheelchairs

  • Smart Planet
    Sep 14 2012 full story

    Wearable robots help soldiers lift heavy objects, disabled walk

    Sep 12 2012 full story

    9 Superhuman Innovations

  • The New York Times
    Sep 12 2012 full story

    VIDEO: Bionic Suits Aid Paraplegics

    Sep 11 2012 full story

    New Breed of Robotics Aims to Help People Walk Again

  • Antena 3 "El Hormiguero"
    Sep 06 2012 full story

    The miracle of the exoskeleton

  • CNN Marketplace Europe
    Aug 30 2012 full story

    Bionics: From Hollywood movies to life-changing reality

    Aug 24 2012 full story

    Roboter l_sst Gel_hmte wieder laufen

    Aug 12 2012 full story

    Could exoskeletons help disabled people be more active?

    Jul 11 2012 full story

    Ekso suit makes walking a possibility

  • RTL Holland
    Jul 10 2012 full story

    A beautiful day for Mard de Hond

  • NOS OP3 Netherlands
    Jul 09 2012 full story

    New patients walking in Ekso

    Jun 19 2012 full story

    Mit dem Roboter Laufen lernen

    Jun 19 2012 full story

    Exoskeleton helps paralyzed people walk

    Jun 15 2012 full story

    Steh auf und geh

  • Hamburger Abendblatt
    Jun 14 2012 full story

    Der Traum vom Gehen - Roboter im Test

    May 30 2012 full story

    Prosperius Tiberino Institute in Italy receive their first Ekso

  • TEDxMuscat 2012, Oman
    May 16 2012 full story

    CEO Eythor Bender presenting at TEDxMuscat with Omani patient walking for the first time

    May 09 2012 full story

    Tamara Mena in interview with Travis Stork, M.D.

  • CNN
    Apr 30 2012 full story

    The Ekso changes lives

  • Medizin & Technik
    Apr 30 2012 full story

    Technik hautnah

  • TV2.no
    Apr 26 2012 full story

    Her tar Arne sine frste skritt p 22 r (Arne takes his first steps in 22 years)

  • CBS Denver
    Apr 19 2012 full story

    Robot helps paralyzed patients walk again

  • Inc.com
    Apr 18 2012 full story

    17 Game Changing Health Start-ups

  • WFMZ-TV Allentown, PA
    Mar 20 2012 full story

    Rehab center using technology to help paralyzed people walk again

  • Fast Company
    Mar 19 2012 full story

    Ekso's Exoskeletons Let Paraplegics Walk. Now All It Has To Do Is Convince The World They're Necessary

  • Saturday Evening Post
    Mar 16 2012 full story

    "Watch me Walk"

  • The Atlantic
    Mar 09 2012 full story

    Walking 2.0: Ekso Bionics Delivers Its First Commercial Exoskeleton

  • MedGadget
    Mar 09 2012 full story

    Ekso Bionics Sells Its First Commercial Exoskeleton

  • Huffington Post
    Mar 06 2012 full story

    Best TED Talks: 21 Amazing, Inspiring Presentations (VIDEOS)

  • Singularity Hub
    Mar 06 2012 full story

    Ekso Bionics Sells its First Set of Robot Legs Allowing Paraplegics to Walk

  • Wired UK
    Jan 23 2012 full story

    Wearable robot puts paralysed legs through their paces

  • Fox News Boston
    Jan 19 2012 full story

    Wearable robot helps paralyzed firefighter walk again.

  • USA Today
    Jan 10 2012 full story

    Robotic devices help paralyzed become more independent

  • WXYZ ABC Detroit
    Jan 10 2012 full story

    A robotic apparatus being tested in Detroit helps paralyzed firefighter walk again

  • Fox Detroit
    Jan 10 2012 full story

    Wearable Robot Helps Paralyzed Detroit Firefighter Walk

  • CBS Detroit
    Jan 10 2012 full story

    Detroit Firefighter Using New Device In Therapy

  • IEEE Spectrum
    Jan 03 2012 full story

    Good-bye, Wheelchair, Hello Exoskeleton. This year, the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton for paraplegics hits the market.

    Dec 01 2011 full story

    Eythor Bender and Ambassador Paul Thacker present at TED MED 2011.

  • The Engineer
    Nov 21 2011 full story

    US researchers create suit that can enable paraplegics to walk. An exoskeleton that allows paraplegics to walk using technology based on military research made its European debut in London last week.

  • Discover Magazine Blog
    Nov 16 2011 full story

    Exoskeletons Will Be the Eyeglasses of the 21st Century.

  • FutureMed Singularity University
    Nov 13 2011 full story

    CEO, Eythor Bender is interviewed by FutureMed, an executive program from Singularity University.

  • New York Daily News
    Nov 04 2011 full story

  • New York Times
    Nov 03 2011 full story

    Walking again with help from an exoskeleton.

  • Die Welt
    Oct 28 2011 full story

    Run Despite Paralyzed Legs-A New Robot Make the Impossible Possible.

  • Abendzeitung, Munich
    Oct 28 2011 full story

    Eythor Bender has developed a device that allows wheelchair for a walk. "Feels like a big hug says one patient."

  • Gizmodo
    Oct 28 2011 full story

    High-tech exoskeletons allow wheelchair users to stand up and walk.

  • San Francisco Business Journal
    Oct 27 2011 full story

    Fastest Growing Bay Area Private Companies.

  • Stern.de
    Oct 27 2011 full story

    For some wheelchair users seems to be a lifelong dream within reach a new robot make it possible.

  • Wall Street Journal
    Oct 22 2011 full story

    Meet the real bionic man. Our bionic future is almost here.

  • Sky News
    Oct 21 2011 full story

    Robot Suit Helps Paraplegic Walk Again

  • Daily Telegraph
    Oct 21 2011 full story

    Paraplegic explains how robotic skeleton made her walk again.

  • Sat.1 Bayern
    Oct 20 2011 full story

    Paraplegics to stand on their own two feet. New Hope from the U.S.: Walking Robot Ekso celebrates premiere in Germany

  • BBC
    Oct 17 2011 full story

    Paralyzed skier, Amanda Boxtel, walks with an exoskeleton.

  • CBS This Morning
    Oct 09 2011 full story

    (CBS News) Step by step, bionic engineers are transforming lives in ways that barely could have been imagined until recently. Our Cover Story is reported now by Barry Petersen.

  • 7x7 Magazine
    Sep 27 2011 full story

    Hot 20-2011. Russ Angold and Nathan Harding, eLegs inventors.

  • The Boston Globe
    Sep 15 2011 full story

    With device's aid, the paralyzed take steps anew. Rehabilitation facilities test robotic exoskeleton.

  • WCVB TV Boston
    Sep 15 2011 full story

    Robotic Legs Allow Paralyzed To Walk. Imagine being paralyzed for years and relying on a wheelchair to get around. Then with the help of robotics, you are walking across a room.

  • National Geographic Magazine
    Sep 01 2011 full story

    Pentagon-funded research has enabled the lost to pinpoint their locations, the night blind to see in the dark, and old lovers to keep tabs on each other online. Now it may help paraplegics to walk.

  • KHON TV Channel 2
    Aug 26 2011 full story

    Many spinal cord injury patients already live a full life. But new technology could add to the quality of their lives. Technology is constantly evolving and changing lives.

  • Make Me Superhuman
    Aug 11 2011 full story

    Superhuman capabilities like running faster than a speeding bullet or being more powerful than a locomotive could be available at the push of a button.

  • Sabado Gigante TV
    Aug 08 2011 full story

    I have loved Sabado Gigante, the beautifully loud Spanish hour-long TV show, since my college days, trying in vain to perfect my Spanish skills.

  • 60 Minutes: Aug 7
    Aug 07 2011 full story

    Australia's 60 Minutes will profile two stories on Sunday night, August 7 at 8:00 pm. Berkeley Bionics' eLEGS will be highlighted in Amanda's story.

  • 60 Minutes Australia
    Aug 05 2011 full story

    "You'll never walk again." How would you feel hearing those words? And how would you go living with them for the rest of your life? Peter Overton met two determined young Australians who refuse to accept the doctor's verdict. Josh Clift and Amanda Boxtel believed there had to be a way to get their legs working again.

  • KUSA TV Channel 9 News Denver
    Jul 22 2011 full story

    Robotic legs give paralyzed patients new future. It's been five years in development and it looks likes something from the future. It's a wearable robot, or exoskeleton, called E-Legs.

  • Financial Times
    Jul 22 2011 full story

    New bionic legs help paraplegics walk again.

  • TEDx San Francisco
    Jun 04 2011 full story

    Berkeley Bionics Merging Technology and the Human Body.

  • TedXDU
    May 13 2011 full story

    Eythor Bender and Amanda Boxtel-Merging technology and the human body.

  • CNN
    Apr 27 2011 full story

    Bionic Device for Wheelchair Users.

  • Bloomberg
    Mar 23 2011 full story

    Bender Says Getting eLegs to Market a `Big Challenge'

  • Ted 2011
    Mar 01 2011 full story

    Eythor Bender Demos Human Exoskeleton

  • TV Brasil
    Jan 03 2011 full story

    Program Especial Discovers the eLegs

  • Time Magazine
    Nov 11 2010 full story

    The 50 Best Inventions of 2010.

  • CNN live from Atlanta: Big I with Ali Velshi
    Nov 10 2010 full story

    Ali Velshi interviews CEO, Eythor Bender, and Amanda Boxtel.

  • Wired Magazine
    Oct 07 2010 full story

    Lightweight Exoskeleton Gives Paraplegics New Legs.